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All residents are encouraged to continue their friendships and hobbies that they enjoyed prior to admission.

Activites play an important part of daily life and to facilitate this the Home has a full time activities organiser.  There is a programme of activites displayed within the home and also we undertake one to one activites for residents either unable to join or have requested not to be part of group activities.

Being part of the local community is important and we are lucky to have five volunteers to visit the home on a daily basis and assist the resident with group activities and “pampering” sessions. 

The Portway Leisure Centre visit the home every Tuesday and conduct a session of non-weight bearing excercises and also we have residents who visit the gym

The local church support the home with pastoral visits and every Friday a fellowship meeting is held within the dining room.

Newbury Manor will be celebrating the Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Come and join us as we watch the ceremony and raise a glass to the happy couple.

The residents of Newbury Manor have had great fun in taking part and being  involved with creating Arts and Crafts  with Saranjit Birdi from The Arts Council England. 

Please come and see all of our residents work at the Sensibility Festival.